Luister maar
Volg me maar
Ik wijs je de weg
Naar alles en meer


Iedere situatie en iedere persoon is uniek. Daarom is alles maatwerk.
Ben je nieuwsgierig en wil je weten wat ik voor je kan betekenen?
Ik ben heel nieuwsgierig naar jou!  Laten we elkaar ontmoeten, met alle ruimte en vrijheid voor een mooi gesprek.

Ingrid Bergman
    +31 (0)6 13575778
    Houten Huys, Galderseweg 3,  Galder (Noord-Brabant)
    KvK 72016833


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Alan Seale
The Center for Transformational Presence
founder & director Transformational Presence

Ingrid Bergman is a light in this world. Her presence and spirit radiate pure beauty and clarity. Yet it’s not only that her light shines brightly–she sees deeply into what is happening and invites awareness and recognition of truth from herself and the people that she serves. She is such a gentle spirit yet a profound warrior of truth. She shares her observations and awareness with such respect and compassion that allows the recipient to remain open and receive with the great love in which it is shared. She invites others into her space of light, love, dignity, and respect, which allows for greater growth, expanded awareness, and clear thinking in those she serves. Ingrid is a very good coach, yes–yet she is so much more than coach. Take advantage of any opportunity to spend time with Ingrid, to be held in her light, to be challenged by her soft yet powerful invitations into your own greatness, and to take steps forward.

Trace Hobson
The Center for Transformational Presence
I Connect Expansion
Chief OAM

The presence that Ingrid brings to her work, the groups that I have had the pleasure of being a part of, and those that she serves is without parallel.
I have seen first hand the heart of service that Ingrid gives each time she has the opportunity. This beautiful heart then combines with gentle powerful insightful intuitive coaching that creates safety for people to take their next big steps.
I have opportunities to work with coaches from all over the world and when I think about Ingrid and what I have experienced with her work, she stands out as someone that I would choose to coach me.
If you have an opportunity to work with her take it.