We need to breath to break open and hear the music

We need to breath to break open and hear the music

Oktober 2014

I am in Poland on a winter training with Wim Hof and I experience first hand the enormous power of breathing. After the powerful morning breathing exercises I feel more energy in my body than I can handle. What to do? I start walking powerfully. Trying to get it out of my body. And then, right then, this peace of music is played, the Carmina Burana.

Everything comes together. This music, these sounds, are exactly representing my energy. My power, my strength, my resilience. I become one with the music. My body is moved by it. After the play I start weightlifting in the garden like crazy. Real crazy as I have never done this before.. I seem unstoppable. Ofcourse I stop after a while 😉

And so breath, music and inner strength meet.
Each time I now hear this music I immediately tune in to this moment and into my power.

What music holds the key to your inner strength?




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With a curious heart,

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