Delicacy as a second skin

Delicacy as a second skin

Being very sensitive is something that comes up in stories and conversations more and more. Quite some people are struggling with it. They are feeling the downside of their sensitivity in a surrounding that seemingly asks of them to be tough. They are looking for a way to deal with that aspect of themselves.

I’d like to share what I realised a while ago.

It’s the delicacy of my sensitivity that tells me

  • When I have taken an overload of media information
  • If a message is based on love or fear
  • When I eat the right food or not
  • When I need to rest
  • If a person is right for me or not
  • The difference between stress and relaxation
  • The difference between needs and wants
  • The difference between space and distance
  • That taking care of my self is top priority
  • That not taking care of my self leads to agitation, head driven instead of heart driven actions, narrowness, perception of being trapped
  • The necessity of light
  • That I am all right
  • That being awake at night is an indication of a disruption. And gives me the opportunity to breath into that what keeps me awake.
  • That being in a place full of dense energy is an invitation to bring lightness
  • That being instead of doing is so much softer and easier for my energy level
  • That there is always a bigger perspective
  • That sometimes being silent is all that is needed
  • That an open heart empowers me as I free my light and connect to all there is

Being sensitive is a strength. The delicacy of this strength surrounds me and holds me as a second skin. It helps me figuring out what is right for me in any situation. Finding and walking my path in a way that fits me. In such a way that only I can do.

Therefor the delicacy of my sensivity is the ultimate gatekeeper for my energy.

I hope this inspires you to embrace your own sensitivity and appreciate the delicacy of it.

With love,

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