Keep the balance by sharing

Keep the balance by sharing


We are all connected. My questions are or might be the same as your questions. The answers and insights I have, might serve you as well.
Or resonate with you. Therefor sharing is essential. As it moves the energy around. Making it possible to the potential energy to transform and materialise.
The ego serving the soul materialising the potential of the soul. Allowing the soul to expand even more. After which the ego steps in again.
Like a balanced and organic way of partnership.

This is applicable everywhere in life. And it all starts with being present in the moment. Being aware of yourself and your surroundings.

This insight created space for me to acknowledge that my insights, and yours!, matter. And that sharing ergo vulnerability is important. Essential actualy to keep the balance.

So thank you for sharing your questions, insights and thoughts ;-). They keep me balanced or help me find my way back to balance.

I will do too.


share to inspire

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