The day someone became somebody and somebody became someone

The day someone became somebody and

somebody became someone

In May 2017 I read chapter 6 of the book ‘Create a World that Works’ by Alan Seale. It’s about the fundamental partnership between soul and ego. And it made me cry. I had heard about his work and at that very moment I knew I had to attend the training Transformational Presence for Leaders and Coaches. And so I did.
It turned out to be a transforming choice.

In November 2017 together with my dear friend Marieke Konings I experienced a huge and beautiful Once and for All commitment-moment. Standing in a big field in the woods with my arms up high I said, shouted more actually, YES to the partnership between my soul and my ego.
I knew in my heart and fully understood that only if they work together balance is there and everything is possible.
It made me realise that this is what the world needs. At least one of the things 😉

I wrote this poem dedicated to this beautiful partnership.


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