Transformation and The space in between

Transformation and The space in between

Some time ago I was in the space in between awake and asleep of my son. He could not sleep and so I played a meditation which sometimes helps him to fall asleep again. Unfortunately this time it did not fix the problem. He stayed awake. So he came to me again.

Without thinking but moved by something inside me I came along with him. And just stayed with him in that space in between awake and asleep. Within a few minutes I felt his heartbeat getting slower, heard his breath getting softer and he fell asleep.
And me, I felt softened, loved and blessed. And sleepy ofcourse 😉 .

The next morning I realised that being in the space in between is sometimes all it takes.

* What would happen if you stayed in the space between the old and the wanted new situation or direction?

That is where the transformation will take place. And the beauty is that it is not only a transformation of a situation, but also a transformation of yourself.

Being present starts it all.

With a warm heart, a soft belly and a quiet heart

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