The system within me

The system within me

At this moment I get confronted with the system within me. And my promiss to myself to be who I am. Honousty is a natural but sometimes o so challenging outcome of that.

Right now I am in a co-creation with a friend of mine. We both are creative, intuitive, open minded and learning ;-). Learning to work together and at the same time walk our own path.

For me I noticed that I sometimes was holding back the energy in the process. That was something to listen to and give space to. So I did. And I realised that I was afraid of loosing my freedom. To be, to do or to don’t do what I intuitively felt was right for me.

Last week we sat together and talked. Open, fully present and with respect for each other and for our selves!

We discovered the necessity of letting go of controle and embracing trust. The power and beauty of seeing each other, recognising and honouring our individual paths set us free! Being confident that whatever result comes from this is exactly what it can be.

Walking your own path has nothing to do with egoism. But everything with expanding your own gifts. When you do that in a team the results will be unimaginable. No limits!

This realy for me is the new way or working together!


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